On April 22, 2019, he successfully passed the institutional and specialized accreditation conducted by the independent Kazakhstan agency for quality assurance in education (NCAOKO) and received a certificate confirming it (ia-B No. 111 dated 22.04.2019).
One of the educational institutions of technical and vocational education in the region, which has been updated over the years, kept up with the flow of information, is the Baikonur College named after academician S. A. Dzhienkulov.
The staff of the college pays special attention to modern processes, ensuring the professional competence of future specialists through the implementation of projects at the national level in the educational process, and education within the framework of spiritual and moral values.
In order to create conditions for future specialists to receive high-quality education, the material and technical base of the college is constantly being improved. Informatization of education is considered today as one of the main ways to modernize the education system. Classrooms are equipped with the latest technological and information tools.